Another Text Message with my Son

MPJ:   When are you gunna be home?
Me:      On our way now.  Why?  Do you need to air out the house?
MPJ:   I don’t need to but I want food
Me:      I am bringing you Panera Bread for lunch
Me:      It’s good – A Panini
MPJ:   I don’t want a Paninini
Me:      But I had a coupon!
MPJ:   So what
Me:      So you get a Panini with broccoli and cheese – YUMMY
MPJ:   That’s disgusting! (Side Note: I was SO proud of my son that he actually spelled disgusting correctly!  And on a text message no less!)
Me:      Well it isn’t like there is a JITB around
Me:      JITB
MPJ:   What are you talking about?
Me:      Jack blank blank Box
MPJ:   Okay get me a double bacon cheese burger meal
Me:      No, you get a Panini
MPJ:   I don’t want a Panini!
Me:      But I have a coupon!
MPJ:   I want JITB
Me:      They are only on the West Coast, remember?
MPJ:   No, there is one in West Chester
Me:      And you didn’t tell your father?  You know he loves JITB
MPJ:   Double Bacon Cheese Burger Meal
Me:      Okay

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