Business Trip Part II

  • Text message from my daughter (Business Trip Day 1)

I’m starving and dad said he was guna cook ham mac and cheese and green beans and he didn’t.  I just want you to know your children are guna starve this week.

I didn’t even bother to respond.

  •  As a rule I rarely call to check in while on a business trip.  During my entire week-long trip, the only text message I sent to my husband was: “Is Abbey okay?  Does she miss me?” (My Golden Retriever).  Can you tell we have been married A. LONG.TIME?
  •  I was waiting at the airport to be picked up. I texted my son and husband: “How much longer?”

My son texted back: “On our way be there in 1,800 seconds.  “mental math”

(An example of something I do to them that is really irritating when they do it back to me.) 

  •  I appreciate a good race car driver as much as anyone.  However, even I had to admit that I thought the airplane pilot was going to tip the plane over onto one wheel going 50 mph as we taxied into our gate coming into the Minneapolis/St Paul airport.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the ride.  I am sure that even I could drive a plane on the tarmac once landed.  But I doubt anyone would let me.  And they couldn’t expect me to be able to back it up.
  • I can’t believe they actually felt the need for a sign in the public restroom:


  • I know that my mom jeans are too big when I am pulled during the security check for an “abdomen pat down.”  “No, I don’t have a bomb on me, my jeans are just too big,” I insisted in my head.  Because you never, ever want to mention the word “bomb” out loud in an airport.

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