What the Political Action Committees are Missing

Me.  And why?  Because I have two young adults who are eligible to vote and know nothing about politics.  So my 18-year-old and 20-year-old both plan on voting for a president tomorrow.  But as for the rest of the voting ballot; they have no interest.  What I intend to do is provide each of them with a “cheat sheet” so once they have finished their “I did my part as an empowered voter in the United States and voted for a president,” they can then finish voting for the rest.  According to me! 

When I told my daughter, Christina, I was going to do this, she asked me if she was allowed to bring a piece of paper with all the answers into the voting booth. 

Bless. Her. Heart. 

Christina’s voting plan was to vote based on whichever candidate had the cutest name.  When I asked her about her stance on Proposition 2, she said, “What?”

My 18-year-old son didn’t care one way or another.  He said he had planned on voting based on a system.  A, B, A, B, etc.  So he gets the premade ballot answers as well.

In the event there is a PAC who just might be reading my blog, if you reach me and I decide to vote for you, you will be eligible for a “buy one, get two free” offer with my vote. 

Then again, after really thinking about it, I never answer the phone when it lists “Unknown Caller, Private Number, or Number Withheld” on the caller ID and I also immediately throw out all political junk mail.  So good luck with reaching me.

And when you do leave a message, we tell the kids the message is for them and  “You are in so much trouble” and then hand them the phone.  When they hear the message about the political rhetoric they get all pissed and hang up.  At least there is something good coming from all the calls. 

I love living in Ohio during presidential elections.

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