Voting with Young Adults

I took my two young adult children to vote on Tuesday.  I mentioned on the way there that I had heard some voting locations had a long wait; some up to two hours. 

My 18-year-old son immediately said: “Well, if it is longer than 30 minutes, I’m not voting.”

My 20-year-old said, “I’ll wait up to an hour.”

Nice to know our young adults have such a strong sense of civic duty; as long as it fits within their time schedule.  (Luckily there was no wait).

All the voting booths were full so the kids and I sat at a table to complete our paper ballots.  My daughter asked: “Are we allowed to talk while we vote?”  

After she finished the front page, she thought she was finished.  But I told her she had to turn the page over and vote on  the two propositions listed on the back.  Proposition 2 was v-e-r-y lengthy and detailed.  “Mom! I am so not going to read this whole thing!” she said in a VERY LOUD voice.  Everyone laughed.  I told her to vote no and that ended that.

My son held up the line at check in because the registration person indicated for him to sign under his dad’s name.  He had to explain that that wasn’t him and he needed to sign elsewhere.  Boy, my husband sure would have been pissed had his son invalided his early vote. That’s what they get for having very similar names.  

After voting, we headed out to buy pizza for dinner.  Christina said, “Well, next time we try to remember when we did something together as a family, we’ll have to remember that we all voted!”

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