An apology for another teenage driver on the road

My 18-year-old son has had a HUGE week.  He finally got his driver’s license.  This has been a long time coming and while we realize he is a bit older than most who get their driver’s license, we didn’t push too much because:

  1. After age 18 the mandate to attend a $545 driving school is gone,
  2. We figure we saved at least $4,000 in insurance costs from age 16 to 18 and finally,
  3. As a rule, teenage boys are stupid.  Why would we want to encourage one to drive?

I also think a reason it took so long was our adamant rule that Dad had to teach him how to drive.  Not that I would EVER admit that I suck at driving but that whole backing up thing is just lost on me.  Besides, my husband taught our daughter how to drive and even I will admit that she is a better driver than I am. (And she is so going to jinx me if she keeps harping on and on about my speeding).

I scheduled my son’s driving test for a Saturday afternoon because he isn’t fully awake until noon.  I made him clean the car inside and out including febreezing the seats.  I can’t imagine having a job where I had to actually get into other people’s cars on a regular basis.  Besides I figured every little bit helps in keeping the driving test person happy. 

Before his test we had to practice backing up about a zillion times in the practice area.  Michael did much better from the  right than the left.  And I made him apologize to my car every time he hit one of my side mirrors with the orange cone.

When Michael took his driving test he passed with zero points taken. 

The driving test person commented on how well Michael drove and asked him which driving school he attended.  He told her that his dad taught him.  My daughter received the same comment as well.  She was dinged two points for parallel parking – she said it wasn’t fair that Michael didn’t have to do that; but I gave her total credit for driving in Las Vegas versus small town, Ohio USA.

My daughter is pissed off that her brother doesn’t have to drive the crappy mini-van like she had to do the first year she started driving. Although I did tell her that had Michael started driving at age 16, we would have had the van but now it’s gone. 

So now it is official.  And the main reason I know it is official is because when I got into my car to go to work on Monday morning, I had an empty gas tank.

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