It’s my Texting Game; Therefore I Always Win

I drive my family crazy with nonsensical useless texting for as long as they will continue to respond.  It really pisses me off when someone actually plays back.

Me:      Do you want me to bring home JITB for you and Michael?

Him:    Not for me but you can get Michael something.

Me:      Let me know if he wants me to get him his usual.

Him:    He will text you.  Feel better?

Me:      Did I feel bad to start?

Him:    ???

Me:      You asked if I feel better???

Him:    Do you?

Me:      Do I what?  You do realize you are irritating me, right?  And I am at a seminar all day?

Him:    Feel better?

Me:      Now you are just being a PITA

Him:    Did you take something?  Now you know how the kids feel.

Me:      OMG!  Do you mean like my tea was spiked?

Me:     STOP IT!

Him:    Stop What?

Me:      I am seriously trying to pay attention to the E&Y presentation on FASB   ED’s.  The impact this will have on leases is very important and will have major cost reporting implications.  (You do know I am so going to win this, right?)

Him:    *$?

Me:      No, too late.  I already won.  You can’t send three stupid characters and still play.

Him:    * = star

Him:    What is $

Me:      My rules, dammit!

Him:    $ = Bucks

Me:      My ass = your $

Him:    Get it?  I win!!!!!!!!!!!

Him:    *$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$

Me:      I am not playing with you anymore.

Him:    I won!

Me:      Did not. Because you didn’t follow Lori’s texting rules.

Me:      Fine, are you ready for round 2?

Him:    What’s round?

Me:      My ass.  You suck at this game.

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