My electric blanket setting is a 9. No, make that a 7…No, let’s try a 4

I finally gave in and plugged in my electric blanket this weekend.  I have been hauling around a heated throw and it simply is not big enough and after one year of continual use, there are way too many non-heating cold spots.  We have a dual electric blanket which means my side is on high while my husband’s side isn’t even plugged in.  I am still working on the optimum heat setting.  About roasted with the 9.  Turned it down to 7 and then finally fell asleep at number 4. 

My husband and I ended the long battle about the thermostat setting last winter.  He doesn’t understand that 67 degrees means I use the oven as an ancillary heat source and I don’t understand having to pay a perpetual $500 electric bill every month (stupid uninsulated house).  But in an effort to be understanding, he did purchase little portable electric heaters for the kids and me.  They have an auto shut off and are energy-efficient plus a whole bunch of other safety related facts that I have no interest in.  What I do have interest in is that it goes up to 85 degrees and has a fan with a high setting for blowing out lots of hot air. 

What I don’t like is Casey hogging my heater.  I get it all set, turn it on and face it toward me.  And then along comes Casey and sits his ass right in front of it effectively blocking my heat.

When I tell him to stop it, he does this:

Sigh.  it is going to be a long, cold winter.

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