Things my husband and I have argued about:

  1. Our front door wreath.  Here is the problem.  We do have a very beautiful artificial green Christmas wreath with a shiny red bow on it.  The problem is that the door hanger on the front door wasn’t strong enough to hold it.  Last holiday season, every time my son shut the front door, the wreath fell off and would end up on the porch. This new, improved, lightweight wreath can withstand my son’s slamming of the front door.  I know this because I tried it numerous times by soundly slamming the door shut and it did not fall off once.  But my husband thinks it looks tacky.  My daughter and I like it; my son has no vote so I win and this is now our official front door Christmas wreath.

2.       I wish my husband would just get over my driving:

 HIM:    You are driving too close – you are supposed to be one car length away for every 10 mph.

ME:    I am far enough behind.

HIM:     You are too close.  You are going to back-end a car one of these days and I am going to tell you I told you so.

ME:    So tell me then (This has not happened in my entire driving career and I seriously doubt it will happen anytime soon.  Besides, usually the car in front of me will pull over to the side and let me pass.  They are weenies).

3.    I was ready to pounce on my husband for turning off my electric blanket on Saturday.  I woke up cold and knew I had my blanket turned to setting #4 for the entire night.  Then he told me the blanket had an automatic turn off feature after 10 hours and I felt kind of bad.

Then again, I was taking a nap on the futon in the office and my husband wanted to get on his computer.  So he strolled in, unplugged my heated throw from the wall and kicked me out.  He also ignored my complaints as I stomped off with my heated throw and plugged it into the living room outlet to finish my nap on the couch.

 4.     My husband sent me a link to a shed along with the note:  “What do you think?”

I answered: “It’s brown.”

He said:  “And…?”

My response:  “Nothing else; it’s brown.”



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