Landscaping 101 – Also known as Digging a 10X10 Hole in the Ground:

We decided as a Christmas present to each other we would purchase a shed for our backyard. Now, granted this is not near as much fun a gift as our 60” HD TV that we bought each other last Christmas. But if we get a shed, I will be able to put my car in the garage and avoid that whole snow and ice removal task in the mornings.
We (meaning my son Michael) dug a 6 inch deep 10X10 hole in our back yard. And I was pleasantly surprised that he did this with minimal complaining. Of course, it also coincided with an expensive concert that he wanted to attend. We didn’t plan it that way, but it worked. After the hole was dug, I couldn’t believe how much dirt and grass sod we had.

My husband had already measured and nailed a wooden frame together that I helped him place into the newly dug hole. And it fit perfect! Of course that meant that I almost immediately hit one side of it with a wheelbarrow full of dirt. This undid one end and the nails popped out. For some reason Michael got a bit upset – something about “not being square anymore.” I told him to just nail it back together and voila! Good as new! But nooooo. That wasn’t going to work. There had to be this big ordeal of using the tape measure and then a carpenter’s square and level and blah, blah, blah until it was perfect.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Now our original plan was to dig the hole, frame it and place the gravel and rebar and other stuff in preparation of pouring 57 bags of concrete on Sunday. Except that it rained on Sunday. And while I will admit that I was quite pleased to hear the rain hitting my bedroom window at 7 am so I could roll over and go back to sleep, it totally messed with our plans.
And my husband was going to get me in the yard no matter the weather.
So we went ahead and finished shoveling the gravel into the bottom of the hole and tidied up our yard work space. Then I was tasked to work on the grass sod. Not wanting to waste perfectly good grass sod, we decided to place as much as we could in some bald areas of our lawn. This was muddy work. In the rain. And there were worms. LOTS of worms. But I dug in despite my muddy shoes, going through three pairs of gloves and also threatening both dogs that they were getting a tubby before being let back into the house.

And I am already trying to decide what I will stick into the wet concrete for future prosperity. Just writing my name in the corner isn’t going to be enough for me. No, I’ll have to stop by our local hobby store and peruse the aisles looking for that just perfect bauble that I’ll quickly stick in the wet cement without my husband seeing. It’ll be a surprise.

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  1. He’s gonna kill you!!!

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