Do You Hear What I Hear?

I swear I am going to post an ad on Craigslist:

Wanted: A substitute wife who will be paid by me to actually listen to my husband and will be able to repeat, concisely and in complete comprehension what was told within 30 minutes of any discussion. Pay is $20 an hour.

Sigh. I am just so tired of having to pretend to listen and he is getting smart and realizing that not only am I not paying attention, I am incapable of repeating details that he thinks is important.

Example: Discussion on menu for Christmas dinner:

Me: Let’s have steak and you get go outside and grill it.
Him: I have a coupon for Omaha Steaks that costs $130 but you get an extra $40 in food. You’ll need to find their store in The Greene but it is a good deal and we should take advantage of it.  But if it is really cold or snowing on Christmas, then I am not going to be standing outside grilling steak.
Me: So we’re having steak for Christmas dinner then, correct?

And he says I never listen to him!

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