Tips on Last Minute Shopping Ideas

I recently came across an article on the Internet titled: “The Best Gifts Under $25 for Her.”  Assuming this was written by a man (it is way too easy to spot this anymore) I decided to repost the list.

1)    Fuzzy Scuffs slipper.  Sorry.  These just will not cut it for my midnight trashHands Bowlhaul to the end of the driveway in the dead of winter.

2)    Hands Jewelry Bowl.  Okay, that is just plain scary looking.

3)    For the sake of brevity, I am going to combine ALL the cosmetics into one.  Good lord, who would have thought that women live for lipstick, lip moisturizer, eye shadow and nail polish gloss.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  A. Man.  I’m surprised the black stiletto heels didn’t make the list as well.

  1. Lip Stick Set
  2. Creamy Matte Lip Color
  3. Elle Eye Palette cosmetics
  4. Combo tinted lip color and nail polish
  5. Midnight Madness Cosmetic Set
  6. Golden Metallic Eye Trio
  7. Party Set Nail Polish
  8. Black Lace Nail Wraps (Really?)
  9. Lip Perfection Gel

4)    Boho Black U-Fringe Purse.  Please refer back to the previous blog on why it is NEVER a good idea to give a woman a purse.  Ever.

5)    Hand Painted Porcelain Cup Set.   This is something that if I brought them home, my 18-year-old son would immediately use it and then leave it in his bedroom for a period of 2 to 6 weeks.  Then he will decide to clean his room and bring 20 items to the kitchen and leave them sitting in the sink.  As a rule, approximately 17% of those items will go directly into the trash.  No amount of soaking is going to remove the suspect dark gummy material in the bottom of those cups.  Flip Flop

6)    iPanama Flip Flops.  You have to be kidding me.  In the winter?  In Ohio?  Where are the North Face Boots?

7)    Again, let’s combine all the jewelry:

  1. Forget Me Knot Gold Twisted Button Stud Earrings.  Okay, so shoot me, but I rather like these. 
  2. Ornate Collar Necklace.  Jewelry is so personal.  So personally, this is ugly.
  3. Thread Pyramid Necklace.  See “b” above

8)    Log Salt and Pepper Shakers.   This just screams to me:  GIFT FOR OLD FOLKS WHO HAVE EVERYTHING. Just remember to include the return receipt.Log Gifts

9)    Mini mergency Little Pouch with 17 essential personal items.  Okay, this one piqued my interest.  But I had to google it to find out exactly what those “17 essential personal items” included in this little mini-tastic bag:

  • Band-aid
  • Safety Pin
  • Earring backs
  • Deodorant Towelette
  • Nail Polish Remover Pad
  • Pain Reliever
  • double sided tape
  • stain remover
  • breath freshener
  • clear elastics
  • mending kit
  • lip balm
  • dental floss
  • clear nail polish
  • nail file
  • tampon
  • hair spray

    10) Christmas Sweater Sock Monkey Ornament.  Because what girl would not go crazy over getting a sock monkey as a gift??Sock Monkey

But the best part is always the comments posted after the article:

(Yahoo User) I’m not gonna get it, but I asked for a chainsaw.  I want to learn how to carve wood but I do have a temper.  So maybe my husband is right…

(Response to Yahoo User from John) Go for an electric.  No muss, no fuss, no fumes and less noise.  Although not as effective in downing massive trees.

(It’s Safe to Say)  You mean to tell me they don’t like the fruit cake and beer cozies I buy them every year?

(Leader of the Pack) I have just 1 word.  Just 1.  Are you listening?  GODIVA

(N)  Can you say lots of cash?  I know you can.

(Bill C.) Anything with 5 or more D batteries.

(Larry R)  Rule #1. Do not buy them anything they have to plug in.

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