A Conversation in the Express Lane Checkout

I was in the grocery store the other day in the “Express Lane = 15 items or less” checkout lane.  There was a gentleman in front of me who needed to purchase cigarettes.  (They now keep those under lock and key for those of us who do not smoke and never have to purchase them.  Guess they are much more valuable than, say, condoms).

The gentleman turned to me and apologized for taking so much time as the cashier was having difficulty finding the two brands of cigarettes that he needed to buy.

“No problem,” I answered.  Because it was Christmas and I was buying nuts and flour and spiked eggnog for my baking marathon later that night.

“I’m glad you are nice about it,” he answered.  “Because if you weren’t, I’d have to start counting the number of your items and make sure you had less than 15.”

I looked down at all my items on the check out belt.  Definitely more than 15 IF you counted every item.

“Okay,” I said. “So let’s start with the cat food.  Does 10 cans of cat food equal one or 10 items?”

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