2013 New Year’s Resolutions that I know I should make but I most probably will not be able to keep:

  1. I will not forget my anniversary. No, really. I have a new plan for this year. I have emailed all my close friends and have asked for help:  “My name is Lori and I am an Anniversary Date forgetter.”  And as a second check, I also put it in my Outlook calendar for the next 10 years.
  2. Lose weight. And exercise every day. Might as well just combine the two together and get it over with. And I am going to try really, really hard to be committed to zumba and quit using our in-home exercise equipment as clothing racks.
  3. I will stop taking the trash outside in the winter in bare feet. Must be that Michigan upbringing in me.
  4. Quit sleeping in until noon on weekends. Yeah, that is so never going to happen.
  5. Stop having periods and begin menopause. I am so tired of this monthly crap. So I have decided that 2013 is a good year to stop. My husband agrees with me, as long as it also stops PMS. Then again, be careful what you wish for in case menopause is worse, right?
  6. Can I even hope that one of my adult children will move out of the house?
  7. Get a speeding ticket. I am not being factious here; I am due and I might as well plan accordingly. Besides, I lost my invisible mini-van shield.
  8. Do not kill another one of my husband’s plants. Because I know this will happen. It does. Every year.
  9. Since I know I can’t decrease my whininess, at least try to maintain my level of whininess sharing. I already tried this by asking my husband if I could go to a motel after work one day instead of coming home to avoid everyone. He didn’t like the idea very much. I REALLY need to find my own special happy place where I can be alone. And no, I am not asking for suggestions from anyone.
  10. I will quit being afraid of our cat.

Okay so maybe it shouldn’t really count if I am already giving up even before the first month of the New Year is over, but don’t I at least get some acknowledgement for knowing what I SHOULD do, even if I don’t?

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