Snot Freezing Cold


It is REALLY cold outside.


  • My car window was frozen and wouldn’t open when I tried to order Starbucks. Not that it stopped me; I had to open the door. And no, it isn’t ironic that I order a cold drink  because the heat in my car is always on high.
  • My electric blanket setting is getting higher and higher every night. One night I am going to wake up thinking I am having hot flashes.
  • I tried for the very first time using active yeast in a recipe. Except the bread wouldn’t rise. Because it was too damn cold in the house. Next time it goes with me under the electric blanket.
  • Even the cat stays in at night. He wakes us up playing with the kitchen cabinets. But he still refuses to use the inside cat litter box. Good kitty.
  • Still fighting over the electric heater with Casey.


  • I am forced to offer a monetary bonus incentive to the kids to get them to go to the store and buy stuff. Like firewood for the fireplace.
  • I had a hissy fit this morning because I could only find one glove. I ended up wearing my bright red and yellow mittens. I really don’t think they project the overall professional look I was going for.
  • I come home, put on cuddle-duds under my sweats, two pairs of socks and slippers. Then turn on my heated throw, move the small electric space heater so it blows directly on me and complain to my husband that he needs to turn up the heat. I know he doesn’t listen.  He quit listening back in 1989.
  • It is simply snot freezing cold

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