Slip Sliding Away

More snow for Ohio! There is such a discrepancy in the weather from my house to my work. So while I may see very little snow at home, I tend to see a whole lot more snow at work.

Fast forward to this morning. Horrible, horrible roads. Snow everywhere and it was the wet, dirty kind of snow. I lost count of the number of trucks with the snow plows that were not plowing but just driving around. And the roads REALLY needed a good plow. Like how sometimes your husband needs a good plow, but I digress.

I got stuck on I-75; either standing still or driving 20 mph. I didn’t want to feel like a weenie since there were little compact cars driving and I had an all-wheel drive so shouldn’t complain, right? But I was pissed at the white truck that spewed the crappy dirty gray snow all over my car. And the semi’s just don’t care. I don’t blame them. If I knew I would always win at car wreck, I would probably drive exactly the same.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So it took me over two hours to get to work. I did call to make sure my afternoon appointment wasn’t cancelled. Because if I were, I think I would have weenied out and stayed home. The stupid ramps and roads by my work weren’t even plowed out.

Of course this did not stop me from getting a Starbucks on my way to work. And I will also admit that I totally slid out in their parking lot. You know, the parking lot with the truck and snow plow parked.

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