Notes on Super Bowl XVBIIL2K (Seriously, can’t they just use regular numbers?)

Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoSo last Sunday was Super Bowl. Ravens vs. the 49ers. I had no idea who was playing until the day before the big game. Because that was simply not part of my current and important information freeway. But the food was. My husband found a great deal on steak and lobster and crab cakes with (gasp!) Whoopie pies for dessert! To make it even better, he said if I shoveled off the back patio and salted the steps, he would cook it on the grill outside; despite the 20 degree weather. I needed to shovel the driveway anyway so also doing the back sidewalk, patio and steps was easy.
And what a meal it was! Steak was melt in your mouth delicious! Lobster with butter! Baked potato! Tasty and crunchy crab cakes! Chocolate cake and whipped cream! If only they would have these games monthly.
Because once the game started; yawn.

During dinner my daughter and I made a bet on the winning team. Whoever lost had to pay for a “Mother-Daughter night out.” My original idea for a bet was that the loser had to clean the winner’s bathroom. For some reason my daughter wasn’t feeling that deal.
But all was well because at the same time the Super Bowl was playing, the Food Network was showing all the back episodes of “Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.” I was a happy camper to watch TV in the bedroom while flipping back and forth to the ball game. So although I only watched a total of probably 10 minutes of the entire game; of course I feel totally informed about the entire thing:

  • The Go Daddy commercial with the geek and super model was just plain disgusting. I mean, great for the geeky actor kid. But he was the only one who really got anything out of it. And I hope he was able to do lots of retakes as well.
  • My daughter came in to see me during the second half and said,
    “This sucks. I am going to lose our bet.”

I responded: “I’m winning? Honestly, I don’t even remember which team I had bet on.”
“Seriously?” She said. “So I could have come in and told you I was winning and you never would have known?”
“Yep.” I said.

Kind of like when they were in middle school and I would ground one of my kids and then totally forget about it. So by the weekend when they asked to go do something I would always say yes. I finally got smart and made punishment cleaning vs. grounding so I wouldn’t have to remember.

  • Calvin Klein ad. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. But I just had to wonder about the whole football demographic thing. I mean, isn’t there a lot of guys watching? Or was this the token throw to all the bored women? (I which case, my personal response is “Thank You!”)
  • Is it just me or are the Raven’s mean? Like in “bully-mean?” Really hated to see that behavior rewarded.  I guess that is why I prefer to watch cooking shows.
  • I really liked the whole brother vs. brother coach back story. I especially liked the tweet afterwards: “MOM! Jim turned off all the lights in the middle of the game!”
  • Another demographic issue – The Beyonce lingerie half time show. I wondered after the initial gawking if all the guys left for a beer run while all the tweenagers stampeded into the room to watch the show. And was it just me or did anyone else wonder if someone was going to grab hold of her hair when she was swinging her head of hair into the audience at the edge of the stage?
  • And I know we watch too much Big Bang Theory when we had a discussion about which nerd should have worn their pads outside of their clothes.  We knew that Sheldon was the football expert, so agreed it should be Leonard.
  • The Budweiser foal to Clydesdale story line. Awwww. Just Awwwww.

Okay, so another SuperBowl is over.  Wonder if my husband is interested in hockey.  Isn’t there a grilled shrimp dinner that goes with some champion play off?

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