A promise to my brand new keyboard!

Our family office got a new PC and keyboard this week.  The new keyboard is so nice and clean and it types so quietly and efficiently.  So as I say good-bye to the old keyboard, and welcome the new one, I am going to make it a promise:

  1. I promise I will not eat crackers and Cheetos and other crumbly food over you.  You know all those food particles that end up in your cracks and crevices where even a blast of chilled air does nothing.  I especially promise not to eat chocolate because when it is combined with my electric heater that is always on high,it immediately melts all over your nether regions (You remember that, right?)
  2. I promise not spill chicken noodle soup on you.  But damn!  You just kept on working despite the pasta decorations, didn’t you?
  3. I promise not to yell obscenities at you when the number lock gets taken off and it takes me a whole column of numbers before I realize it and have to start over.  (Okay so that probably was not your fault).
  4. I promise to prop you up out of the way the next time I bring in dirt to the desk (and remember we are still honoring “don’t ask, don’t tell!”)
  5. I promise not to let anyone abuse you.  We will have a monogamous relationship with no one touching your special letters but myself and my husband.
  6. And finally, I promise to actually shut you off at the end of each day.  If only I could do the same to my family

BTW, kind of makes you feel bad about the hand me down keyboard that my son got, doesn’t it?

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