But I want my hour back!

My husband and I took a road trip to Alabama to visit his dad.  On the way there, my husband remarked that we were now in “central time zone so we gained an hour.”

I quickly responded:  “Does that mean that I get back the hour that I lost for the spring forward time change?”

“No,” he answered.  “It means we are now in central time and we gained an hour.”

“But isn’t that the same as getting back the hour that was so rudely taken from me when daily savings time happened?” I asked

“Look,” my now very exasperated husband said “you lost an hour with daylight savings time and you are NEVER going to get it back.  Get over it.”

“Well, you could at least let me pretend that I got it back.”

“Well, you are going to lose it again when we come back home so deal with it.”



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