Wanted: A POS car for my 18-year-old

Looking to purchase a cheap, POS car for my 18-year-old son who has already had two fender benders on two other cars and recently totaled his very first car last month.

I need a V4 or V2 engine; one that will go from 0 mph to 35 in approximately 8 minutes. A moped with a box around it is not out of the question.  Especially if the box is painted blue or black.

Ideally, car will already have many dents and scratches so any new ones will not be very noticeable.

Interior does not need to be in good shape since any stains or tears will be covered by taco bell take out containers within the first week anyway.  Having a horrific smell in the back seat to discourage giving friends a ride is a plus.

Not willing to pay much since insurance is costing us around $12,500 a year already. Well, that is what it feels like.

Oh and if anyone has a POS mini-van that would be even better.  Because then my daughter will stop complaining that SHE had to drive a mini-van her first year and due to timing, her brother didn’t.  I don’t know what her complaint is; she never once got a speeding ticket driving my mini-van.

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