Channeling Tom Hanks

We have been doing a lot of yard work.   Let me rephrase that:  We have hired some of my kids friends to do a lot of yard work.  Which resulted in a pile of branches, wood and the usual yard debris the size of three small cars.  At first we contemplated hauling it all to the local dump but then decided that was stupid.  We live in rural Ohio which means we are actually obligated to having a bitchin’ bonfire.  It just took a case of charcoal lighter fluid to make green wood burn.

A project that started at 9:00 pm on a Saturday (note to old people:  If you are going to do this, start at 10 am).  And it was pretty neat.  So I heard.  Because I was inside getting caught up on the entire season of Survivor.  At 1:30 am my daughter came inside complaining that the fire was still going strong and she was tired.  The only people left were her friend, Sean and my husband.

Feeling a little guilty (this is considered yard work) I went outside and told Michael and Sean that they were excused and I would watch the fire until it was safe to go inside.  This resulted in Sean sprinting into the house in 3 seconds flat. My husband immediately went to bed which left me alone at 2:00 am with a huge bonfire full of big ass logs.


It was fun at first.  Watching the flames and taking the metal rake and moving the embers and logs around.  For about 20 minutes.   Then I was bored.  So I went inside and got my iPod and headphones.  I cranked the music up and then became totally enamored in the experience.  From “We Didn’t Start the Fire” to “War What is it Good for” to “Running Solo” I had a blast dancing around the fire.  For hours.  Seriously.  And sometimes Mr. Metal Rake would be my dance partner.   Thankfully none of the neighbors saw me (I am assuming since they didn’t comment or at least were polite about it).

In the end, it was 5:00 am before I felt comfortable enough to leave the burning embers alone and went inside to go to bed.   But I was so Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” during the whole fire scene.  I totally got him.

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