Life Lessons Not Learned

My son was at a friend’s house and texted me to come pick him up.  I was already out and about running errands and wasn’t driving the car with the GPS in it (nor do I use it on my cell).

MPJ:   Here is the address for the GPS

Me:      I don’t have the GPS, give me directions

MPJ:  WTH?  Why don’t you have the GPS?

Me:      Wrong car.  Just give me directions

MPJ:   Mom! That is ridiculous!  Use your cell phone

Me:      No, just give me the damn directions or walk home

MPJ:   I only know the address.  Not the streets!

Me:      Ask your friend – I am sure they can give directions.

MPJ:   No they can’t!  Can you go home and get the GPS?

I did not go home for the GPS.  And we did finally manage to find each other but my son did have to walk a few blocks until I found him.

For another example, my daughter visited a girlfriend’s house when she was in high school.  The mother of her girlfriend gave her a hunk of cheese and asked her to shred it for pizza.  My daughter had absolutely no idea how to do this; stating her mom (me) always bought cheese already shredded.  Her girlfriend’s mom was obviously pissy about the whole thing.

Obviously I have completely missed some opportunities to teach life lessons to my children.  Especially in the use of non-technology supported directional wayfinding.  Or how to shred cheese with a grater.

One response to “Life Lessons Not Learned

  1. Nice post, i will share with my friends.

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