Do you mean Mommy-Clean or Grandma-Clean?

I think I am going a bit overboard on cleaning products.  I seem to keep buying more and more of them when I haven’t used up the ones I already have.  After some deep philosophical thinking I have come to the following conclusion:  I am simply trying to find that one special toilet bowl cleaning product that will work forever so I will never have to clean a toilet again. products

I don’t know why I have these cleaning issues.  Our dishwasher recently broke down and I was fine.  I had no problem hand washing dishes for a week until we got a new one.  But dust the living room?  Now, that isn’t going to happen until I see the outline of Boca cat’s tail on the TV stand.

When the kids were little, I actually had a housekeeper come in every week to clean.  Now my husband continually bitched that he didn’t feel they did a good enough job for what we paid them but my response was that as long as I didn’t have to clean the house, our marriage was solid and how can you put a price on that?  Besides I remember how pissed off my 7-year-old daughter was when the housekeeper would pull all her stuff from under the bed and insist that she put it away.

As the kids got older, I began to feel guilty about having someone come and clean.  Something about not teaching my kids the importance and value of cleaning their own mess. Then again, I remember the same question being asked when “cleaning day” would come: “Do you mean Mommy-Clean or Grandma-Clean?”  (Give you one guess as to which one was the harder to do.)   So it was decided that I would just bitch and carry on about the household chores and eventually they would get done.  It would be either me if it got so bad I was embarrassed or the kids if they wanted spending money.

Except the toilets.  I never could get the kids to clean the toilets.  As far as I got was for them to shake in the comet, swish, swish with the toilet brush and flush. Forget about wiping down the seat or sides.  Today I have four bathrooms.  I will take full responsibility for the one in our bedroom and the shared one off the kitchen.  But I refuse to clean the kids upstairs and the basement – both of which I never use (Remember, Boca-cat uses the downstairs basement bathroom as a murder haven for the small animals he brings into the house but that is a whole ‘nother blog and while I do have pictures, I am thinking it may be a bit too gruesome for most folks).

I guess I will continue to be taken in by all the TV commercials from the Scrubby Bubbles, Lavender scented Comet (which still smells like crappy regular comet), Bathroom Lysol, KaBoom (Yeah, blow that toilet to pieces; I am good with that) Clorox toilet wands (The marketing person who thought up that product name was a genius.  Absolutely worked for me:  wand = magic = never having to clean toilet again.) You name it, I have bought it at one time or another.

My only saving grace is that I know as soon as my kids leave the house, I am hiring another housekeeper.

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