A Commuter’s Prayer to God

Dear God, Please forgive me for my morning commute.  I am sorry that I cursed and screamed inside my car the entire way to work. I pray that You will be able to help all the obviously driving impaired people on today’s roads.

Please help Mr. Stupid in the blue truck realize that a yellow caution sign does not mean stop completely.  And dainty lady in the white car needs to work on her highway merge skills. Which means you GO FAST to merge; not go, slow, check for cars; go and slow, check for cars.

And please forgive me for yelling “WTF!” in exasperation when the vehicle in the left lane effectively boxed me in on purpose behind the construction truck. And left me there to rant and rave as he maintained the same speed for over 4 miles.

I honestly swear that I did not see the black SUV in my blind spot when I erratically changed lanes on the highway.  And I did look.   I am so in awe of Your powers to magically have cars appear like that.  Even more so that You keep them safe.  I even appreciate the small token of the wussy horn that the SUV shared with me.

Forgive them, Lord, for not knowing that the posted “45 MPH” speed signs are a suggestion; not an absolute.  And I truly did not know that the little girl was just learning how to drive when I tailgated her for driving too slow on the two lane road.

And finally, Lord.  I have to ask for Your assistance in keeping all the other drivers safely away from me and we’ll all be fine.


2 responses to “A Commuter’s Prayer to God

  1. I love this prayer!!!

  2. Awesome prayer! I think some of the drivers along your route might especially appreciate the last part 😉

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