Road Work Rage

They are paving the road on my way to work.  This is a small intersection with a single traffic light.  No turn green arrows; just the usual three: Red (stop) Green (go) and Yellow (Go fast, light is about to turn red).

When I got to this intersection this morning on my way to work, there was construction.  Why road folks always seem to be repaving road that doesn’t need it is beyond me.  I mean, if you really wanted to work on roads that needed it, I should mention that you can’t drive HWY 42 without a good support bra.

But this morning there was the road crew and this guy:


Who made me sit through 12 lights before he allowed our side of the road through the construction.

I couldn’t help myself; I yelled “YOU SUCK!” as I drove past.  Of course, my window was up and my radio was on really loud.  But it did make me feel better.

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