Just because it is old doesn’t mean it is an antique

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, my husband and I took a trip out of state.  Neither of us have any real interest in old stuff, but we had to drive down “Antique Lane” at least five times during our visit.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So we decided to stop and browse.  And it was an experience.  Here is what most of the stores look like:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, rather scary.  All I did was worry about my purse hitting something and then cringe when stuff fell.  Luckily nothing broke.

I did like this metal contraption:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI suggested to my husband that we buy it and install on our daughter’s bedroom wall.  And we would have but – DAMN! – $190 bucks?!?  Besides all she would do is borrow nickels from us.

And really, a clown WITH a gun?  I mean, who wouldn’t want this for their babies nursery wall?


But I for some reason I did bond with the ugly animals on wheels.  Thank heavens my husband pulled me away before I bought them.  (Then again, guess what my sister is getting for Christmas!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would have to say that our interest in going antique hunting is pretty much done for this century.   Word of wisdom:  Old does not equal antique or is automatically expensive.  But it is good to know that my the saltine cracker tin in my pantry is worth $11.00.

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