My Trip to Chicago

I was in Chicago last week on a business trip.  I love going to cities that I have never been before and always try to really get the feel of the place when I visit.

When I first got the hotel, I was given my little room key card with the room number of 737.  Then when the elevator left me on the 7th floor, I came to this:


Of course my room was not listed.  I hoped this was not an indication of how the week was going to go.  But I was smart and found it and immediately turned the heat up to 88 degrees.  I was home.

Then I decided to walk to the Willis Tower (formally known as the Sears Tower) to do the Skywalk thing on the 105th floor.  As I left the hotel I asked the valet guy how to get there.

“Let me call you a cab,” he answered.

“No, I’ll walk.”

“But it is over 2 miles.”

“That’s okay, I’ll walk.” (What?  Did I look like I needed a walker or something?  I had my Nikes on for heavens sake).

So given directions, off I went.  And I have to say this.  Windy City is not the only description.  Add, cold to that and I was immediately miserable.  The only coat I had brought with me was a jacket.  The scarf I stopped off and bought at a drugstore didn’t help very much.  The dogs sitting in strollers were more warmly dressed than I was.

This sign did not help me at all:


Because I had no idea which way was East/West/North/South.  But I appreciated the thought.  There was “3 to a corner” police when I started.  Not so much the farther away from downtown I got. (And again with the taxi request when I asked a question).

I stopped off at a Chicago souvenir shop on my way.  I asked the clerk how much farther to the Willis Tower.  The clerk asked if I wanted him to tell me the truth or lie.  I already loved this city.

I finally made it to Jackson and Wells.  And I did find the building (It would be pretty dumb not to, right?) but where the hell was the entrance?   I walked the complete block before I found it.  And then off to the Skywalk!

I have never been on an elevator ride that was so long you got to watch a video. Guess that was included in the admission price.

Of course by the time I got there it was completely dark.  Because I had to walk so far.  And didn’t take a taxi.

I tried to take some pictures but they turned out like this:


Or this:



But I did get a nice shot of my Nikes:            


It was very disorienting to walk out on the see through plastic ledge.  I think everyone had to stick one foot out at a time just to test the strength of the thing. I had absolutely no plans of taking the express route back to the street. 

And then my adventure was over.  So I left the Willis Tower with a much greater appreciation of tall buildings.  And I immediately called a cab.

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