I didn’t win Nuthin’!

So yesterday was local election voting day.  And I wanted to vote.  Which meant I had to make sure 7 pm didn’t roll around without my realizing it so I could make it to the polls on time.  I had issues on the ballot.  Like hating a candidate for school board and a tax levy request when the current budget was already a mess.  My 19 year old son went with me to vote as well but I think he just wanted the “I VOTED!” sticker.

But I didn’t win.  Any of them.  I voted and I lost.  And now I can bitch all I want because I voted.

Onto another topic:

I was driving home on I-75 last week when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this bitchin’ grey car froggin’ down the highway behind me going at least 90 mph. And this was a FROGGIN BOSS!  He or she was amazing.  Strong, confident, professional race car quality moves from lane to lane.  Left lane to center lane back to left lane and center crossed to right with the gas pedal on high. I was in awe.  The car passed me in a blur as I stalled behind the stupid black SUV going 68 mph in the left lane.

As I continued my drive home, I noticed a white car coming up very quickly behind me.  Because I know proper highway etiquette, I immediately moved to the center lane.  It was a Highway Patrol and I had a good bet on who they wanted.

But too much time had passed; I thought FOR SURE that the froggin boss would have been up ahead by at least 3 exits by the time the patrol passed.   “No way they are going to catch him,” I thought.

As I continued my drive, I saw the lights of the patrol car go on. And then a car was pulled over.

“Wait.  No – tell me it isn’t so!”

But yes, the highway patrol had caught my hero car.

For just a second I wondered if it would help if I pulled over and explained to the cop just how bitchin’ good this driver was.  For some reason I rather doubted they would have been as impressed as I was.

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