The Tradition of “To Lori From Lori”

In order to make 100% absolutely sure that I get EXACTLY what I want for Christmas, I always add a few presents under the tree that are tagged “To Lori From Lori.”  As usual, I got just what I wanted:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn oil paint set including brushes and seven blank canvases.  Because in 2014   I have decided to dabble in the art world.  And what makes me think I have any talent at painting?  Well, nothing really.  Except I am really good at doodling during long meetings.

But I was really thinking of incorporating more color and texture in a real painting.  And glitter.  I love glitter.  Like an abstract channeling of free clip art based on dream imagery and pastel color placement. (I am so hoping I can paint as well as I can bullshit).  So whether I have talent or not, I figure I have seven blank canvases to work with and if nothing else, I can always post to Craigslist and title it as an original painting from a local artist.  Someone should buy it for $10 bucks, don’t you think?  And if not, guess who will be all set for Christmas gifts next year?

Also, I got another favorite Christmas gift of all times:  Starbucks gift cards.  After transferring all of them to my main card, I have over $225 on it.  I know that just seems obscene but I still can’t help smiling.

 Starbucks logo

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