One More Cold Winter Whine

It is currently 7 degrees out.  This morning is was -2 degrees out. Tonight it is supposed to -15 degrees.    Now, don’t get me wrong, the sun is shining and it is beautiful to see all the shimmery dazzling white snow.  I just want to see it from behind a window while sitting in front of an electric heater that is on its highest heat setting.

But enough is enough.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t take this much longer.  I have learned that once the weather is in single-digits or less, my car heater just can’t keep up with the level of heat that is expected.  My car is so filthy dirty, I feel embarrassed to park it at work.  (It reminds me of when my daughter was little and got head lice.  To this day, she will say that she got head lice twice when she was little.  I’ll agree with that, but it was two times that lasted about two years in duration trying to eradicate those damn things).  Not to mention that just thinking about taking my car into the automated car wash gives me anxiety.  Do you think my doctor would prescribe Xanax for car wash anxiety?

And then there is Boca.  Bored Boca. Even with the cold and snow, Boca will still try to go outside.  From 6 pm to 11 pm he is in and out the back door at least 20 times. The problem is that he has to come right back inside after two minutes. So he wanders around the house looking for someone to torment for his personal entertainment.  Which usually means Casey is a great target.  So on and off all night you hear Casey start to bark and growl and then someone yelling at Boca to leave him alone.  Even Abbey, as big as she is, keeps a wary eye on the cat as he saunters past her.


We did buy Boca some new cat toys which amused him for about 45 seconds.  I get that, I mean how can some plastic balls with bells inside compete against live vermin living outside that you can hunt and kill?  And everyone has learned that you shut your bedroom door at night because if you don’t, you will wake up at 2:00 am with a cat sitting on your chest staring intently into your eyes.

Who am I kidding?  Even though I may SAY this is my last whiny blog about the cold weather, it won’t be. Especially if the Farmer’s Almanac is correct and we do get a blizzard in February.  Just don’t say you weren’t warned in advance.

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