I am such a crappy wife

So it is here again. Valentine’s Day. As you know from previous posts, this is the holiday I dread the most. I am not romantic or sentimental and have justified my behavior over the years by telling myself that I show my love to my husband on a daily basis so that should be all that is needed.  But don’t ask for details because I would be hard pressed to give you any.

This week I spent hours making homemade Valentine heart cookies for my staff and putting special Hershey chocolates in little gift bags as well.  But buy a Valentine’s Day card for my spouse?  Well, I’d rather clean the cat litter box. (Which is also getting to be a major ordeal as it is way too cold and too much snow outside for Boca to do his business.  I keep telling him the litter box is for decoration only but he isn’t listening).

But the real reason I know I am a crappy wife is because I had this conversation with my daughter last night:

“When you go out to lunch with dad tomorrow, can you find out if he got me a Valentine’s Day card?  And then text me so I’ll know if I need to stop and get him one on my way home from work.”

And then I wondered if I paid her $20 bucks if she would just go out and buy a card for me.

Never mind, with my luck my husband will find out and then we get to have THAT whole conversation over again.  Thank heavens this happens only once per year.  I don’t think I can manage more than that.


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