Best New Cat Toy – Ever

This winter is killing me.  Boca-cat is driving everyone crazy.  Since it has been so cold outside with so much snow, he has been forced to spend time indoors. Purchasing $50 bucks worth of new cat toys has not helped the situation. And even worse is that he doesn’t want to pee in the snow.  I mean, I wouldn’t either (although for the record the dogs do not seem to have an issue) but this whole cat litter box thing is just not working out.

And Boca is fastidious about his damn litter box.

He expects that his litter box will be cleaned out daily.  I tried to negotiate with him on this schedule, but his direct response to this was to pee on my dirty laundry that was sitting on the laundry room floor.  Which meant I had to do this:


So he won that one.  His new cat toys bored him after all the feathers and strings were quickly pulled off.  Toys are simply no match for his teeth and sharp claws.

Last night, my husband had some dental floss in the living room.  Boca immediately became quite interested in this long, white spool of a potential new cat toy. So we didn’t disappoint.  And we also discovered it is a GREAT cat toy. Because Boca couldn’t catch it – no matter how hard he tried with both claws and teeth.  Over and over that string just flossed right through his attempts to capture it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t describe the feeling of FINALLY having something over the cat.  It was pure pleasure to see him so pissed off and there was nothing he could do to catch that floss. It just slid away from him time after time.

And as an extra bonus, he had minty fresh breath the rest of the day!

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