One Wedding Melt Down Allowed

I was watching “Teen Mom” with my daughter last night. (Don’t judge me).  It was the episode where Kailyn is planning her wedding and has a melt down.  I told Christina that every woman planning a wedding is expected and allowed to have one full breakdown during wedding preparations.

“Did you have one?”  She immediately asked.

“Of course.  It was over the addressing of our wedding invitations.”

“Well, that’s stupid. How hard was it to print up labels?”

“Pretty hard seeing as it was 30 years ago (give or take a few years – still have no idea exactly how many) and that was not an option.”

“Really?”  Now, this comment totally threw my daughter off balance.  How could you NOT have a printer with labels?

“So, you had to hand address each one?”

“Yep, and that is where we had the fight.  Your dad said he wouldn’t help me because (and I quote) ‘Your handwriting is so much better than mine.'”

“So what happened?”

“I had a bitch fit and pushed ALL the invitations and envelopes off the table and ran into the bedroom crying.”

“Did dad eventually help?”

“Oh yeah, he cleaned them up and calmly started addressing envelopes to his side of the family” (Because he knew that if he didn’t, they simply would  not get an invitation).

“Wow, no printers, huh?  I would definitely use a printer. ”

“Me, too.  Do you want to hear the laundry mat story?”

“No, I’m good.”

One response to “One Wedding Melt Down Allowed

  1. The printers have really helped our lives one way or another. I cannot imagine preparing invitations without the printer. The amount of time and work you have to spend just to have it done would be unbearable.

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