Spring Forward

Please pray for me over this very difficult weekend as I experience Daylight Savings time for its annual “Spring Forward” event where I will lose a precious hour of much-needed sleep.  And keep my family in your prayers as well because I know I will become more irritable than usual; my body will immediately know what happened and will react accordingly.

I have no control over this.  It’s the damn clock thing and the fact that I know I am losing an hour.  I sometimes think it would be better if it would just happen and no one told me.  Kind of like when my doctor informed me I was getting a pap smear when I thought I was there for a routine doctor visit.  I really hated her for that, but in hindsight there was no way I would voluntarily agree to such a thing without a major amount of complaining.

This had better not happen in the fall when I gain an hour and wake up to discover I just had a colonoscopy.

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