I agreed to a Pap Smear; I am NOT getting a Colonoscopy!

I have often heard that healthcare workers are the worst when it comes to overuse of doctor visits and medical tests.  I must be an anomaly of that because I have not been to a doctor in over 2 years.  Not that it’s a good thing; just something I have put off quite successfully over a  long period of time.

It was my daughter who finally made me start seeing a family doctor.  She made me promise to make an appointment for both of us at the same time.  She didn’t want to go by herself and (I will go ahead and assume here) she also wanted to make sure I was healthy.  (Which I knew I most probably was not – hence, my reasoning for not going to the doctor).

But I finally gave in and looked online to find that one special physician who I would respect and trust and lived close to the house and – most importantly – was part of my insurance provider network.

At the time of our initial appointment, Christina and I were taken back at the same time.  Christina couldn’t understand why we couldn’t be in the same exam room (They are so cute when they have never heard of HIPAA, aren’t they?).  However, when I explained that I planned on talking to the doctor, in detail, about all my sexual issues, she quickly agreed to separate.  What did happen was the nurse coming to my exam room to clarify family medical history.  Of course my 21-year-old would not know the family illness history.  Not the specifics, anyway.

So Dr. McBlue came in and introduced herself to me.  We then started with the past medical history:

“Who is your regular medical provider?”

“Urgent Care”


“Yeah, I’ll probably need that, eventually”

“Pap Smear?”



“If I said ‘No’ to Pap Smear, what do you think my answer will be?”

So we have had a few visits now and I am happy to say that my blood pressure is better, my iron level is improving and my doctor now knows that she needs to stand next to me and watch me make any referral appointments that are needed before I actually leave her office.  I have committed to a pap smear sometime in the fall and a colonoscopy MAYBE by the end of 2014 but no promises.  The mammogram has been done so that is officially off the list (I feel like I have to give in to some things just so she feels like she is making progress).

I came home from my appointment this week and my husband asked if I had remembered to discuss any of my PMS symptoms with her.  I told him I did but the doctor’s response was that she did not see any negative PMS behaviors so obviously all the problems are due to him and not me.

I wonder if she would put that in writing in a prescription for me if I committed to an EKG?


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