OMG I am becoming one of THEM!

When we had our last big snow of the season, I proactively checked the day and time for my shoveling schedule.   Yes, I am getting VERY tired of my winter shoveling exercise plan.  However, it is important to me that we have the best shoveled driveway on our 1.2 mile road. (Trust me, I check as I drive home everyday).

The snow was expected to start on Sunday and would be finished by early Monday morning.  But that wasn’t going to work for my schedule.  Because I had a meeting Monday morning and I didn’t want to have to get up at the crack break of dawn to do anything but check my phone, see that it was 6:15 am, turn over and go back to sleep.  Then I had this great idea!  I could start shoveling snow on Sunday (pre-shovel, I would call it) and then by Monday morning I would just have a smidgeon of snow left.

I waited as late as I could on Sunday and finally got all dressed up in my special pink boots, Elmo hat and shovel gloves around 5 pm.  As I shoveled, it was rather disconcerting to see my newly shoveled driveway quickly fill back up with snow.  My husband didn’t think this was such a great idea but I told him he either had to quit watching and commenting or come and help.

I had to physically stop myself from starting all over again when I reached the end of the driveway.  Yes, there was still snow, but only a half inch or so – I could even drive over it except I wanted a CLEAR (and tidy) driveway.

When my alarm went off at 7 am on Monday morning the snow was finished falling.  I pulled on my snow shoveling outfit and headed out.  Maybe my husband was right, I thought.  This did seem to take as much time as yesterday. But I would never admit to that, of course.

As I continued to shovel it suddenly dawned on me that I was behaving just like those old retired people who lived in our neighborhood in Florida.  After a hurricane we would go outside to survey the damage and see these old people calmly picking up the debris and trash and cleaning their lawn.  I would smugly  said to my husband: “OMG, I hope I am never like that – get a life  huh?”  And then I would let my two toddlers play in the water in the ditch next to the house and watch out for snakes.

But I am just like them. I was even worse.  I didn’t even wait for the nature event to finish and I was compelled to clean it up.

I guess my only saving grace is that the snow should be over.  At least it had better be.  Otherwise I would have to move to Florida and worry about cleaning the lawn after a hurricane.

Before picture


After Picture.  Bestest driveway on the road!



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