It’s not Tax Day – It’s SNOW DAY!

It snowed last night in southern Ohio.  I know – can you believe that?  And I don’t mean just a “light dusting” either.   When I went to bed last night, my husband told me it was supposed to snow.  I told him he was full of shit.


Yes, that is a picture of my daffodils covered in snow.


And my front yard covered in snow.  See my car?  I had already put away my car snow brush.  I mean, for heaven’s sake – I was outside in shorts and sandals on Saturday when it was 72 degrees and sunny.  THREE DAYS AGO!


And here is a picture of some flowering tree in a local park that has blossoms AND snow all over it.  Isn’t there just something really, really wrong with this picture?

I am so confused.  And Cold.  Now I am cold all over again.  This is so not fair and I am definitely going to complain to Upper Management.   I can’t believe He thinks this is funny.


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