Just some generalized bitching…

I am officially in menopause. And the reason I know this is because I have had hot flashes. Which I rather enjoy because I am cold natured to begin with and I certainly won’t complain about a free internal heat source.  But I am pissed because I have a zit.  You should not be allowed to have a zit and a hot flash at the same time.  It is just so wrong.

I bought a new bed for Abbey because her bed is over three years old and just seems so thin.  I brought it home and this is what Casey did:


So now Casey has a new bed and Abbey still sleeps on her old bed.

Our car tags expire on my husband’s birthday month – which is April.  He did the right thing and got the replacement tags on time.  But then they sat on the kitchen table for a week.  Yesterday as I was getting ready to go to work, my husband stuck the tag in my purse and told me to put it in the car because officially I am driving with expired tags.  Which totally pissed me off because I had to obey the speed limit the entire day. (Sorta)

This is Christina’s new expensive purse.  It doubles as Boca’s new play toy:


We replanted two trees last fall.  One is living, this one died:


We were all set to pull it out of the ground and replant another tree in its place.  But a bird made a nest in it and there are eggs.  Stupid bird.  I want to put a sign up to tell everyone that, yes we know the damn tree is dead but we have to wait for the baby birds to fly away before we can get rid of it.

No one is ever allowed in my husband’s office. He is so paranoid about sharing his computer with me that he made a separate log on that I have to use to ensure I don’t inadvertently download some mysterious virus to all his important stuff.   So I did this:


I know he doesn’t read my blog so he will never know the dog was on his desk unless someone tells him.  And then I will totally deny it.

Don’t ever worry about my running out of things to complain about.  In fact, I am planning on having a garage sale next month.  I am only mentioning it in advance so you can be prepared.



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