My Cat needs an Intervention

Yes, that is a picture of Boca on an animal behavior pamphlet I got from the vet.  Boca needs some serious help.  Now, I know that cats are natural predators but Boca has taken this to an extreme level.  And frankly, I am getting tired of all the blood.


His latest escapade involves a family of baby bunnies.


Yes, those teeny tiny cute little furry harmless creatures that come out in the spring to begin their new life.  Except they picked the wrong backyard because our cat sees them as his own personal toys.  That he eats.

For some reason, Boca does all his killing in the downstairs bathroom.  So we have to check it periodically to make sure nothing bad has happened.  That’s when I came across the baby bunnies.  I will refrain from describing the scene and we did save one bunny that we dropped off far far away from our house.

Usually it is my son who has the job of cleaning up the mess as we admonish Boca:


I mean, it isn’t like he doesn’t ALWAYS have Meow Mix to eat and I spend a  fortune on those stupid little cans of cat food with names like Tuna Delite, Savory Salmon and Ocean Fish Pate.  (We know he likes the seafood flavors the best).

So now everyone in the house is pissed off at the cat – again.

And don’t even get me started on the whole “Well, if you didn’t have a pet door, this wouldn’t happen.”  Yes.  You are correct. Boca has carte blanche to roam in and out as he pleases.  Because we tried making him an inside cat once when we moved.  His initial response was to make as much noise as possible during the night while we were trying to sleep.  Then he started to terrorize poor little Casey.  The final straw was when he literally stared us down as he sat in the middle of our king size bed and peed.  His ass was thrown out the back door after that.

So maybe now I am thinking we should take him to some behavioral animal therapist.  But I am realistic in knowing how this is all going to ultimately end.  Michael will get pretty much as much money as he wants to clean up the cat mess (price is adjusted based on how gross it is) and Boca will go see a vet-doctor just so he can stare at them, jump on the counter and then pee in their sink.  At least that is what happened last time.

Just so you know he isn’t a total monster, here is a great selfie of Boca and Christina:

Boca Kiss

It was taken right before Boca bit her on the cheek.

Sigh.  Damn Cat.

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