You do not do yardwork in a bikini and flip flops

I told my 21-year-old daughter and her friend, Mattie this. In fact, in the beginning Christina didn’t even have anything on her feet. She finally decided it was too hot on the concrete and put on flip-flops (Mattie never did).

Our task this Memorial Day weekend was to clean up the gardens around the pool so my husband would remove the pool cover. And it was smart of him to make this a prerequisite. Because the kids have been bitching at him to open up the pool for a couple of weeks now. He has told them no because: 1) It is still getting down into the 40’s at night {damn Ohio weather} and 2) he is not going to open the pool AND THEN do yard work resulting in crap floating in the pool that he then has to clean out. And oh yeah; 3) if we didn’t do it now, it would never get done. This was a given.

So we all relented and planned on spending our Memorial Day weekend working on the landscaping around the pool.  I already commented on the day lilies.  So three more bags of those were dug up and tossed.  Then the old mulch had to be raked off and set aside. Let me comment here that the mulch has a dual role – of course the usual landscaping appeal and the second was acting as cat litter for our cat, Boca. This little tidbit of information was withheld from Christina. Otherwise there would be no way she would come near it. So we had lots of other weeds to pull (how in the hell did wild onions grow next to the pool pump?) then we pulled up the old weed barrier fabric and sprayed ground clear weed killer all over. Except my husband refused to let me near the plants we were keeping with the ground clear. You know, you just ONCE make a mistake and kill a perfectly good shrub and he never forgets it, right?

I finally made Mattie and Christina put on some sunscreen. I mean, I was hot, too, but my only concession was to put on a white t-shirt instead of my dark blue one.

Once we got all the weeds pulled up, my husband showed us how to put down new weed barrier fabric with those cute little green pegs and then replace the old mulch. Then 20 bags of Scotts Nature Scapes Deep Forest Brown Mulch on top and we were done! A project that Christina said would take “about an hour, two at the most” ending in 8 hours of work by four people.

And then TA DA! the moment of truth. Off came the pool cover.  Would the pool water be a murky green?  Would there be worms?  Would there be a ton of gross stuff on the bottom?

Actually it was about the same as last year.  Clear water with a lot of worms. And dark junk at the deep end. Michael had to mess with the pump a bit and I had to go buy four bottles of chlorine but we were off to a good start.

By the way, today is the official Memorial Day holiday. But I am NOT outside working. I told my husband I had a special project at work that I simply HAD to get done. Not only am I smart enough not to wear my swimsuit and flip flops while doing yard work, I am also smart enough to find a way to avoid another day of yard work.

One response to “You do not do yardwork in a bikini and flip flops

  1. thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.

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