My Baby Boy

turned 20 yesterday.  All he wanted was cash – which we got him and also a gift certificate to a local used book store.  I love the fact that he reads as much as I do.  In honor of his turning 20 I thought I would share a few memories from his life:

Born on June 2nd.  Due date was June 5th and I was so miserable being pregnant that I talked the doctor into inducing labor on May 30th (Even then I was so gifted with my effectual whining that my doctor just gave in).  But I didn’t like the birth date so decided to wait until June 3rd.  Except my water broke on June 2nd. Totally screwed that plan up.  My husband grabbed the hospital bag and ran to the car.  I got in the shower.

“What are you doing taking a shower?!!” He asked.

“Shaving my legs,” I answered.  It is so different when it is your second child.

When Michael was three years old, he ran from the nursery at church holding a paper cross like a gun and starting shooting all the members of the congregation.  I was mortified.

When he was five he broke his arm.  Because this was not our first trip to the Emergency Department we had a check list.  Which we followed until Michael whispered to me: “I’m not wearing any underwear.”  Then we had to add a new check to the list.

When he was a cub scout he attended the “Fish-o-ree” but promised me he wouldn’t catch any fish. But he did.  All I brought was a ziplock baggie and wet wipes.  And he insisted on bringing the fish home so his dad could see them.  Then we forgot they were in the freezer for about 7 years.

Note on 6th grade report card:  Had two extra days to complete assignment. Caught him doing it at the beginning of class.  And he still got a B.  Very irritating but shows lost potential.  

Michael has always been pretty witty.  One day when getting into the car after school one day he said: “My faith in humanity is gone knowing that one day my classmates will reproduce.” and “Mom, if the words, trailer park and love are in the same sentence, it’s a country song.”

When we had to purchase a new riding lawn mower for our large lawn, we didn’t do any research.  All we wanted was the cheapest one.  Because Michael was going to ruin it.  Three years later and it is pretty broke up but still running.  We totally called it.

and now he is 20!  Happy Birthday, Michael!

Michael at age 14

Michael at age 14



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