My husband sent me this newspaper article:


Police to Target Traffic Violations in I-75 Construction Zone
DAYTON — Police will target traffic violations in the I-75 construction zone through downtown Dayton from Monday, June 16, through September.

The focus of the enforcement efforts will be in the zone between mileposts 53.1 and 54.5, during hours when traffic is at its heaviest.

Officers will be on the lookout for speed, lane change and following too closely violations, as well as aggressive driving actions. There will be “zero tolerance” enforcement; no warnings will be issued.

Now, here is my dilemma:  Do I speed?  (Yes); Do I erratically change lanes? (Yes – but in my defense I am really good at it);  Do I follow too closely behind others? (Well, Yes, but dammit they just don’t move their ass); Am I “aggressive” when I drive? (Well, define “aggressive.”).

So already I see them out there.  And they are totally messing with my work commute.  As it is I try to drive outside of the normal high volume traffic hours (late to work, late leaving work).  I have a feeling this is not going to be good for me.  My GPS is so smart that it even tells me how long a commute I will have to get home AND if there is stalled traffic on Hwy 75 (How in the hell it does this, I don’t know.  I guess after you drive the same way home day after day it just assumes).

Unfortunately my only way home IS going down 75 unless I want to deal with about 147 traffic lights as an alternative.  I mean, I have learned that I can use the off ramp at 725 as a passing lane because it is long enough.  I can frogger pretty damn good around semi’s and slow pokes and but most probably my worst offense is that I haven’t received a speeding ticket in over 6 years.  AND this is supposed to last until September??

I am so screwed.

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