I Owe Matt Kemp a Formal Apology


For those of you who do not know who Matt Kemp is – he is a Los Angeles Dodger. And because I am married to a die-hard Dodger fan, I know waaaayyyyy more about the Dodger’s than I ever want to know.

Quick back story:  When my husband and I first dated, he took me to a Dodger Spring Training game in Vero Beach, Florida.  So there we were, sitting on the bleachers enjoying the sun while my new date proudly gave me the 100 year history story of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Then this guy came out of the Dodger’s dugout and starting talking to some of the folks sitting in the bleachers close to us.

“Who is that?” I asked.

I swear I have never seen so many heads turn in my direction. My then date answered:  “That’s Tommy LaSorda – the Dodger’s manager.”

“Uh, okay,” I said.

To this day my husband will still bring this story up and how embarrassed he was.  Thankfully it wasn’t a total deal breaker, right?

But back to my story:

So when the LA Dodgers come to Cincinnati to play the Reds, I get the great pleasure of attending every ball game scheduled.  This is a yearly tradition that I have assumed with minimal whining only because I am a good wife.  That and I know that one day my husband will come through and take me to a bed and breakfast in Amish country for a weekend.

But here is where the apology comes in.  The Reds have a vendor (LaRosa’s Pizza) that will give every game ticket holder a free one topping pizza if the Reds have 11 strike-outs in a game.  And they keep track of the number as the game is being played so we all know how close we are coming to getting a free pizza.


It was the bottom of the ninth inning and the Reds pitcher (I have no idea what his name was. I do know the Dodger’s pitcher was Greinke but again, I only know this due to my husband –and he says I never listen to him!  HA!) Anyway, the Red’s pitcher had 10 strikeouts so we only needed ONE MORE to get free pizza.  And then Kemp stepped up to the plate.  And we all started chanting “PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!” because everyone wanted him to strike out.  And I know my husband wasn’t happy that I totally participated in this and I kind of feel bad that I wanted him to strike out.  But I REALLY wanted free pizza.

And then Matt struck out and he got the biggest, best send off back to the dugout EVER as we all thanked him for not hitting the ball.  But I do feel rather guilty for my behavior so Matt, I am sorry.

But thanks for the pizza.


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