My Tooth Saga (Continued)

I have been dealing with my #15 toothache since last May. From this experience, I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no way I will ever become addicted to Vicodin.  Because I have been taking them since then and frankly am more than ready to get rid of the stupid pills forever (No, don’t email me and ask me for my leftovers).

My appointment with the oral surgeon to finally remove the tooth came after my regular dentist tried to get rid of the pain over a 6 week period.  Then an appointment with the doctor guy who did my root canal on the tooth over two years ago (some fancy medical name that I do not remember) and then onto the oral surgeon to just pull the damn thing out.

I had an appointment Thursday afternoon to get the tooth pulled. Before we started, I asked the doctor if I would be able to go to work on Friday.  He said probably although I might be in some pain.  Well, we had to stop mid procedure to begin nitrous oxide and after a lot of uncomfortableness later, the damn tooth was out.  Doctor said there was nothing there to pull out and he had to drill it out.  (“Vroom, vroom” is how he explained it to me and when you are under nitrous oxide, a doctor making that noise it is pretty damn funny).

It took almost an hour.  The doctor said on a scale of 1-10, my extraction was a 15. No way would I be able to go to work on Friday and take the pain medication and antibiotic as soon as I got home.

A horrible week follows. I am in pain and the antibiotics and also the pain meds started making me nauseous.  When I went in for a check up on the following Tuesday, the doctor said it looked “as expected.”  Which I immediately complained that it should be much better.  To which he replied: “Lori, if a two-inch incision was made and a bone removed from anywhere else on your body, would you expect to be completely healed in four days?” Well, no dammit but it hurt too much, gave me headaches, tasted like crap in my mouth and I was tired of people telling me my face was swollen.

So the doctor gave me a different pain medication and told me to quit taking the antibiotic since it was making me ill and there was no sign of infection.  But make sure to rinse 4 times a day with warm salt water.  (Which I also have not done. Body. Heal. Thyself).  I told him I wanted the same pain medication that my dentist had prescribed for me.  When he asked me what it was, I told him it was a little yellow pill.  So he told me he would write a prescription for a “little yellow pill,” and see if the pharmacy could fill it for me. “Little yellow pill  – CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE,” I clarified for him.

But FINALLY after one week and one day I am beginning to feel normal. Still hurts but tolerable and nothing my usual Excedrin with caffeine can’t handle.  But there is one thing I can’t get over.

I want more nitrous oxide.  I want a special room at home just for nitrous oxide so when everybody pisses me off, I can go in, lock the door, put the little nose cap thingy on and laugh at all the stories in my head.  Maybe one day the pharmaceutical companies will make a pill for that.

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