Lucky you!

I had my post all ready to go titled “LWL Pictures of the Week.” Except my stupid computer wouldn’t let me download any of the photos.  And it is TOTALLY the computer’s fault.  I wasn’t able to reach online tech support (also known as my husband when he is in a good mood) so had to scrap that plan.

So now you get to listen to me ramble on for a bit.  Nothing planned but hopefully still a bit entertaining.

My daughter turned 22 this week.  She started with “This is my Birthday month” to “This is my Birthday week” and then “Today is my Birthday” and now we are back to “This is the end of my Birthday month.”  Because she had a lot planned. We keep telling her all this birthday celebration ends after age 21 but she just isn’t accepting of that.  But if I have to buy her a princess balloon at age 34, we are going to have a problem.

The other day my son said:  “Did you know that Tator Tots = Potato Toddlers?  I don’t know how I feel about that.”  I didn’t know how to respond to that.

The other day I was driving home and ended up behind a stupid motorcycle going 40 in a 55 mph.  I was so close (yes, I backed off- Bite me) but was able to see that the motorcycle had a license plate with the handicap symbol on it.  Isn’t that just wrong?

The grass is FINALLY slowing down and we don’t have to mow the lawn as often.  Because I am really tired of it.  Next summer we have to have a different plan.  Which probably means I will need to pay someone and then tell my husband I left work early and mowed the lawn.  I know he doesn’t believe me, but he also doesn’t argue.

I was so embarrassed when I took Abbey, my Golden Retriever to the dog wash.  After she was done and I was dealing with Casey, she peed on the floor.  And it was a pond; not a puddle.  I told both dogs this was NOT doggie day care but they just ignored me.

I texted Christina with directions on how to make meatloaf fully expecting her to tell me she refused to do it so I could then make her run out to Wendy’s and get me a salad.  Except she texted back that she would try.  I didn’t want to eat meatloaf; I wanted an Apple/Pecan salad from Wendy’s.

My husband had a colonoscopy done.  And I know it was mean, but I made butt reference jokes all night.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I wish everyone a very relaxing 3-day holiday with no yard work!


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