LWL Week in Pictures

My husband asked for a hamburger, small fries and a medium coke from McDonalds. When I got to the drive thru, it was easier and cheaper to just get the kids meal.  When I brought it home, I got bitched at because he didn’t like the toy.


It happens every year.  There is always that one corn stalk who just wants to grow and tower above the bean plants (or whatever that plant is). I am just happy the corner field has short plants in it this year so I can see when cars are coming.


What is with all these damn Ohio weeds?  I swear it doesn’t matter how much ground kill or weed pulling we (meaning my son who needs $20 bucks) do, this is what we wake up to every summer.  Kind of makes you wish for snow again, doesn’t it?


This is Boca right after he woke up from a nap.  I like him when he is all warm and purry.  Much better than his reputation as a vermin killing murder cat who has a kill space in the downstairs bathroom. (We have to check the unused bathroom every Sunday before trash day).


My husband told me he made me a salad for lunch today. It was ugly.  I went to Wendy’s and got my regular salad, threw his out and then said thank you when I got home for the great lunch he made for me.  (THIS is why we are still married…)


P.S. Thank you World Wide Internet Help Desk for making my pictures work this week!

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