Is it the driver or the car?

The reason I am asking is because my daughter drove my car the other day and got pulled over for speeding.  She didn’t get a ticket but I had to hear ALL ABOUT IT because my glove box was so DISGUSTING and FULL OF CRAP that it took her 10 minutes just to find the registration and insurance information while the cop patiently stood waiting next to the car.  Which resulted in all my glovebox paraphernalia being dumped out and then wouldn’t all fit back inside when the cop let her go with a warning.


I told her I knew exactly where the information was – inside the plastic baggie thing is my car book and inside that is an envelope titled “Important Papers” and that is where you can find my registration and insurance.  To her benefit, she absolutely KNEW I had the paperwork; you don’t live with my husband and not have everything you need when you need it.  It’s just that it took awhile to get through all the oil change receipts, Starbucks straws, miscellaneous receipts, matches, tire thingy, pens, sunglasses, etc.

Because even I know that I am way overdue for a speeding ticket. So I was rather happy to hear that she got pulled over; I told her that meant my car was caught so I am now free and clear.  We had an argument because she doesn’t agree with my assessment but I think it is correct – it is the car NOT the driver!

And speaking of cars – I had to drive my husband’s car to work today.  I recently had new tires and guess what?  They put on the wrong size and I immediately had this loud scraping noise when I turned the wheel.  Of course they said it wasn’t that but damn – I didn’t have this sound BEFORE the tires, right?  Anyway so I got to drive the batmobile and was immediately pissed to see that it needed gas. But I couldn’t really complain about it because my husband was going to deal with the whole tire issue and I sure didn’t want to hang around the car shop all day.  So I pulled up to the gas station on the wrong side (of course) and then couldn’t find the gas release button.  I looked all over.  Once I was totally pissed off, I opened up the glove box (which contained exactly THREE items – included with the car manual was an air freshener. Really?  In the glovebox?) and proceeded to find out how to fill his damn car up with gas.  Guess what?  It didn’t have a button.  You just pushed on the side and a little spring would unlock it.  Yeah.  Didn’t think of that.  But I did wonder how stupid I must have looked going through the car book at the gas pump.


And his car is a decked out all black Camaro which wants to go really, really fast.  I was going to take my camera, get the car up to 86 on the highway and then take a picture.  But then I thought this idea through a bit more and decided I would have a very difficult time explaining to a cop why I had to speed to get a photo for my blog.


I don’t think his car has been pulled over for a while.

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