All that and all I got was $3.78?

Have a lot to get caught up with including trips to California and Amish country.  However, most pressing is this news:

Our son is moving back home.

Now, he is 20 years old; NOT horribly old so his dad and I gave him some slack when he asked to come back home.  And he has been out of the house for much longer than we ever thought.  But we had to move him back over the weekend.  Oy Vey.  (No, I am not Jewish but it fits).

He didn’t have a whole lot of stuff (thankfully because we do not have a truck).  It took 5 trips with my SUV back and forth to get it all home and into the garage.  I was totally impressed with my husband that he voluntarily offered to let his car stay outside for the duration of this project.

Couple of observations:

  • I couldn’t figure out if it was a moldy bag of bread or a really fuzzy  cucumber that I found in the pantry.
  • My first thought was “Ah, look at my healthy son! He has milk in the refrigerator. Until I saw that the expiration date was Sept 6th.
  • He doesn’t believe in nails. However, he is obviously highly addicted to thumb tacks.  Which meant I had about a dozen thumb tacks stuck to the bottom of my tennis shoes at the end of each moving day.  (I had to tap dance just to prove to my son how bad it really was.  And BTW, Wikipedia thumb tacks.  You can spell it anyway you want.  Just in case someone else wondered).
  • He said he had a vacuum.  That didn’t suck crap.  I absolutely refused to use my Dyson on his horrible carpets. Did the best I could with a broom – Let the landlord keep the deposit for the steam cleaning.
  • I got yelled at for throwing away a white box with blah blah blah in it and also this black evil voodoo doll thing that is NO WAY coming into MY house.  (He got it at a garage sale for a quarter).
  • I bought 5 solid air fresheners and two boxes of baking soda.  It was the best I could do.
  • Why is it that mom’s can just clean the grossest bathrooms and toilets and totally not freak from it? (I wasn’t about to ask where all the purple stuff came from).
  • All the towels and linens got pitched – kept MOST of the clothes but now my laundry room runneth over because EVERYTHING is going to be washed.  (and I will go ahead and assume the lady undergarments are not his).
  • But my biggest complaint was all the change I found all over the floor in every room.  I started picking up every single coin.  Then my back said: “Whoa!” so I made the executive decision to only pick up the silver coins.  Which today has left me with one severely sore back and only $3.78 for my trouble.  I thought FOR SURE I had at least $6 bucks.

Okay, so now we are back to siblings arguing.  But on a positive note, there will only be two weeks of it.  My 22-year-old daughter is moving into an apartment with a girlfriend on Nov 14th.  We were so damn close!

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