Is there an app for the laundromat?

I mentioned earlier that my son moved back home.  And I simply could not deal with all the clothes.  So they were gathered up into empty totes, garbage bags and laundry baskets and taken to the local laundromat so I could wash them in one fell swoop and be done with it.

Haven’t been to a laundromat in a while.  Didn’t know you could now swipe a credit card for the $6.25 machines.  Sure would have been nice to know that BEFORE I got $50 worth of quarters that I had to manually push into each machine one at a time.

I  followed the instructions but why did my washing machine not have all that sudsy whiteness in the manhole like the others?  And why weren’t my clothes moving at all?  Guess I filled them too full and used too little detergent.  Okay, so let’s just double the price and wash it all a second time using more machines with half a bottle of soap.  On a positive note, I just swiped my card the second time.

(Which reminds me of a story.  When my daughter was 8 or 9 we went to the laundromat.  I overfilled a machine with detergent and the machine started spewing soap suds all over the floor.  I finally had to go get the attendant and tried to blame it on Christina but she was quick to tell the attendant that her mom had put in the detergent, not her so I had no excuse. Just a note because this story came up YET ONCE AGAIN this weekend.  Geez.  Some things your kids just won’t ever let go, right?)

And then there was this other lady who was also washing clothes.  She had the misfortune of using both the washers and dryers next to mine.  Which meant the entire afternoon I kept trying to take her clothes.  She was nice about it but seriously, she had to be thinking:  “How in the hell can I not know which clothes are mine?”  Well, because none of them were mine and I didn’t recognize them.  Besides they were all black.  Well, except for the pink bra.  But I am again steadfastly sticking to my story that it isn’t my son’s.

When I got home with the clothes all clean and nicely folded, my son said it felt like Christmas as he found his Sublime hoodie and “flip-flop Philadelphia” t-shirt.  (No understanding of either reference; nor did I care).

And yes, I did throw out various items.  Didn’t like the saying on the front of the t-shirt, somehow it got lost.  Couldn’t fold the fitted sheet?  Didn’t need it anyway.  Reminder to self:  purchase black socks and a new laundry basket.

I just hope it is another few years before I have to go back.  Maybe by then they will have an app for washing clothes.

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