Light Dusting of Snow my ass

So my husband TOLD ME we were going to get snow.  But I didn’t listen – or more aptly – this is what I heard “We will probably get a light dusting of snow.”  So imagine my surprise and pissiness when I went to work on Monday and saw this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf that wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t find my car snow brush that was put away last March so I had to use a broom that is still in my car and I can already imagine how that conversation is going to go when my husband asks me where the broom is.

Fell twice on the driveway as I tried to clear off the car.  Yes, I had high heels on.  Because this wasn’t supposed to happen.

And then I needed gloves. Couldn’t find gloves so ended up with these:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI mean, can a pair of gloves get any uglier?

I can’t handle this already.  The current temp outside is 10 degrees.  It is mid-November.  This had better be the last of the snow until Christmas.  And my snow brush and winter gloves had better show up before then.

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