They Say It’s Your Birthday – da da da da da da da

That is the title of a Beatle’s song and the reason I am posting it is because today is my birthday.  Except everyone forgot.

Well, not EVERYONE.  I mean the sister of a dear friend whom I have never met sent me a very nice email congratulating me on my birthday and my sister did text me and my dear friend did call (she also sang me the Birthday song on my voicemail; something I told her she was to feel free to skip in the future).

But my family?  Well, I guess they all forgot.  Which I truly feel is rather comical. In fact, just to see how far I could take this, I actually bought a birthday card for my husband’s sister, reminded him that her birthday was coming up soon and he needed to put it in the mail to her.  Nope. Nothing.

Reminded my daughter that if she was thinking about getting me gift, I needed money on my Starbucks card. Again, nothing.

Okay, so my plan is to milk this until at least the end of this month.  I get to be all woe is me about it and hint that only extra gifts and someone vacuuming the living room is going to make this right with me.  Honestly – I couldn’t care less.  I think I am like a lot of other folks – once you hit a certain age, birthdays are just another day. I mean, I still had to take the trash out in the rain today.

For the record, I am 38 (again).  It is so nice to be ageless.

UPDATE: My  husband remembered the next day.  I told him for my birthday dinner I wanted hamburger helper beef and potato stroganoff (because everyone hates it but me).  My daughter texted me that she was a horrible daughter after she found out she missed my birthday by reading my blog.  My son didn’t realize until days later.  The look on his face was just priceless.


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